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Astral projection: The Art of Astral Travel

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Nowadays Astral projection became the most curious topic on the Internet if you are one among those people then this “The Art of Astral Projection” post is for you.

Contents of The Art of Astral Projection:

  • What is astral projection?
  • Is astral projection real?
  • The astral projection for beginners
  • Astral projection guide or How to do astral projection?
  • Astral projection experiences
  • Astral projection dangers
  • Conclusion of Astral Projection

What is astral projection?

Astral meaning as per ” Google”: relating to a supposed non-physical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart. Example: “spiritual beings from the astral plane”

Astral Projection means the state where we could feel out of body experience in other terms astral body leaves our physical body and travels in the astral plane.

Is astral projection real?

Generally, astral projection is experienced when a person is weak or when the person experienced the near death instances, so a lot of people were on that side where the astral-projection is real and our practice could help us enter the astral plane whenever we need.

The astral projection for beginners:

As per the sources Astral Projection needs a lot of practice and a lot of patience because it isn’t chocolate that available at the end of your street in the supermarket. Focus and ability to meditate for hours and if possible days can make your probability stronger to achieve this.

Astral projection guide or How to do astral projection?

  • Better start practicing this in the morning, the reason for this statement is when you practice this it may lead to sleep. So to try this perfectly I think mornings are great.
  • Create the right atmosphere to make sure that there is no over light because over light might disturb you and be comfortable while doing this. Practice this when no one disturbs you and try to be focused on your goal.
  • Lie Down on your bed or sofa and relax the initial goal is to achieve the complete body relaxation and mind without any diversions concentrate on your body and how it feels.
  • Be relaxed flex your muscles and breathe deeply focus on your breathing.
  • Now its time to reach hypnotic state, hypnotic state means being at the edge of wakefulness in other terms letting your body and mind to approach sleep but you should still remain conscious.
  • To get this Hypnotic state first focus on any body part, let’s suppose thing if you focused on your hand then visualize as you are moving your hands and folding your hand but do not move or fold your hands really, just visualize this and try to make this for your whole body, Visualize your complete body in the same manner.
  • Now you will reach the state of vibrations in this state your soul prepares to leave your body at this point you should not afraid because if you are afraid then your astral projection could not get better have some patience and courage to face it. If you reach this state then your work is almost done and you did a great job. To reach this state it takes years off practice for some people, but for some people, it is as simple as breathing.
  • Now its time to astral travel now from a state of vibrations after your soul leaving your body just think what you want to do with your body feel like you are doing all these things with your body then you will make that for you. First, try to send your soul or astral body to the next room to find some new things to try to remember the physical qualities of that thing, for example, try to send your astral body or soul to go and check all the things in beside room and check those things and its qualities with your physical body.
  • This above point helps you to confirm whether your astral-projection is a success or not.
  • If you succeed then try to explore all the things which are away from your house and room else keep practicing to achieve this.

Astral projection experiences:

As I sed everyone in their life at some point they will experience this phenomenon naturally, when you are ill or when gone through the near death instances. In the same way, I personally experienced this when I was 9 years old I faced a near death instance at that time I really experienced all my past just like a flash that was the only instance where I experienced this projection naturally. I never tried this because I am always busy in my work but want to try for sure.

Astral projection dangers:

A lot of sources and internet articles stated that this practice could also lead you to face sleep paralysis and a person named Faruq Mirza from Hyderabad Osmania University stated his answer on quora for the same question as below.

Astral projection dangers

Astral projection dangers

Conclusion of Astral Projection:

A lot of people and sources stated that astral-projection could be done with the practice and it is very hard to achieve. Before doing or practicing please kindly think about all the problems that are possible to happen and think about your dependents before doing anything. I believe in thinking about your family members before doing any deed will make you and help you to make good decisions.


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