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World’s most secret and restricted military base-Area 51

Secrets and conspiracy of Area 51

Secret military base

Why everyone developed so much curiosity about Area 51 ?

What is Area 51 ?

US government working with Aliens at Area 51 ?

Do US government have Time machine at Area 51?

Area 51 is located in the middle of barren Nevada Dessert. Not only the security of US military but also Area 51 is covered all the four sides with the mountains. The borders of Area 51 are miles and miles far away from the base. If any person enters the border or tries to cross the border, the person will be shooted immediately by US military. 

How this Area 51 base has formed and why?

In 1900, whenever the US government is testing their planes Russians used to destroy their plains using ground weapons. In 1955, US government started project on Spi-Planes. They wanted to test the plane but they cannot take any more risk with Russians. So now they want a secret place to test their planes. Here comes the place AREA-51. Everyone thought US government tests their planes. Here comes the question. To test their planes the base should be made world’s most secured camp, if any person tries to know about the base why he is being killed, why shoot-at-sight orders, why flight navigation routes have been blocked to that area, why the salaries of the Area-51 soldiers will be given in black money??????

Here are the secrets and top conspiracy:-

Secret planes
Jannet.                                                                                 Daily more than 20 planes will be travelling from Area 51 base but no one can see these planes flying, no-records of these planes, no record of terminals. These planes are known as Jennets.
Money will be given to soldies in form of black money
Currency.                                                                             Soldier salaries are not credited into their accounts, they will be given cash from the government -Black cash budget.
Uneditified Flying Objects
UFO.                                                                                      UFO- Unidentified Flying Objects. These are the objects which are used to fly in the air used by Aliens, similar to our planes. In simple words, these are the planes of Aliens. There is a conspiracy that many UFO’s are currently present in Area 51.
Alien lights in the sky
Sky.                                                                         Sometimes in Area 51, we can see lights in the sky. Many scientists confirmed that these lights are of Aliens.


Machine which can maintain the weather
Weather.                                                                                 The base also contains the equipment which can control the weather. Still, the research is going on this equipment.Another conspiracy is many Aliens will be landing in this place and research is going on these aliens.
Alien genes are being injected into human body
Aliens.                                                                                Single government which can rule the whole world. In Area 51, S.G is being developed. (Single Government)

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