Mind Blowing Gaming Technologies

Are you a game lover? Looking for more gadgets and technologies. If it is then you are at right place!

Here are the top mind blowing gaming technologies.


Racing cube is mainly used for pilot games that mean the games which have wheels, steering and gears. You will have live gaming experience. No more use of keyboards and arrows to drive your car. Get directly into the racing field.If you are a racing lover then Racing Cube is the best. RacingCube price starts at 1800$ for a one monitor stand, a base motion platform with two servo actuators and a custom hand brake.


Mouse Lovers…….Here is the best for you…Lexip is a computer mouse with a fundamental new design for gaming professionals.Best part of Lexip is, it has a joystick which can be used to switch between different modes and mouse tilts according to your position of hand which helps in better aiming. You can get Lexip at 150$. For gaming lovers here is the official link to buy



Pain in the joints…..Sweat…..Loose Grip…Loss of concentration?????? No more such problems. Here is the solution ”The Middle Finger Gaming Gloves”. This glove provides extra grip and easy handling your joystick during your gameplay. It also improves Dexterity, Accuracy, Control. The material which is used to design these gloves improves blood circulation.


   These are the headphones which take your gaming experience to another level. These has the ability to distinguish 3 types of sound. (steps, explosions and shots)This makes the gaming experience more realistic and natural. This enables 3D the sound which helps in detail sounds like foot steps, injecting and much more.


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