How an Algorithm has become a game charger for internet?

How an Algorithm has become a game changer for internet? This article discusses the various algorithms and how internet uses these algorithms. who uses it? how it gonna benefit them? what are the uses of an algorithm? Almost everything is covered in the article.

How an algorithm has become a game changer for internet?
How an algorithm has become a game changer for internet?

What’s an algorithm?

An algorithm is nothing but code or program with certain rules to follow to perform a calculation. It is mostly used for computer related problems. But an algorithm by internet for its users is quite different. It is used for making their virtual experience better. Let’s see how this is going to work.

How an algorithm has become a game changer for internet?

How it’s used?

An algorithm is designed with the data amalgamation of data analytics and  Artificial Intelligence. It is a core part of both topics.  They always improve the algorithm experience. It’s constantly evolved by every new data they receive. They collect the data and analyse it and later insert in the algorithm.

Neural Network Algorithm:

Neural Network Algorithm is a computer algorithm which was designed to monitor the human brain and nervous system. This algorithm collects the preferences and choice of users when they use something. Based on those preferences and experience it calculates the watch time and genre they watch. Later, it starts showing the suggestions based on what he watched earlier. If the user is pretty sure about what to watch, then it’s not a big deal to handle the algorithm. in case not, he is going to be a prey for an algorithm.

Where it’s used or Who uses it?

Everyone uses the algorithm. From Google to our website, we all use the algorithm. Though most of the times it benefit us, sometimes it irritates. Google is ubiquitous and obvious to discuss. So, let’s go with some other website which utilises an algorithm.

Netflix and other streaming sites:

An algorithm in streaming sites common. But how they use is important. First, when you log in it end up showing you someone of their best or most viewed movies or series.  But once you start engaging more in the streaming platform. That’s all, now your preference and experience are calculated. How much time you spend and how many episodes you watch? Everything is just calculated in a few minutes into it. Now, it starts showing you the series based on the genre you watch and episodes with the same duration you watch before. But still, you can confuse the algorithm by watching series with different genres and have no absolute connection. This is also part of “How an algorithm has become a game changer for internet?”

Youtube and Music Platforms:

Though some of us might not have a paid streaming site subscription, we all have free youtube app in our app. It uses the multiple algorithms just like paid streaming sites. While we watch a video on youtube, they show many suggestions below. Some of them might be based on our channel subscriptions and some of them based on our history. That’s how the algorithm is designed to captivate the user to watch what he likes for some more time. There’s one more thing called “Trending” videos. Based on what users watch more is what they put in the list. In short, sensational videos or viral videos.

Music streaming sites also uses an algorithm for making users listening to their favourite songs for more time. It always shows suggestions which he heard a few days back, gave a thumbs up, or similar like that. In Music apps, algorithms are different for different languages and different categories. Whatever it might be, they show you some mesmerising music to hear. And that’s what user comes for. These are part of the internet and this is “How an algorithm has become a game changer for internet?”

Finally, an algorithm is part of our lives. They run us. Sometimes they make our experience better, sometimes worse. After all, that’s an algorithm.  They make the world a better place than choosing something worse. This article serves minute details of what an algorithm can do. There is a lot about it to ponder. Whatever it is, without an algorithm one can’t make their experience better on the Internet.

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