HER : A Love Story Of Man and OS


It is American science fiction, a romantic drama film written directed and produced by Spike Jonze. It is the first film of Jonze as the solo screenwriter. The movie shows the relation between a man and an operating system.



jaquin phoenix             scarlett johansson from HER : A Love Story Of Man and OS                   amy adams from HER : A Love Story Of Man and OS

Jaquin Phoenix (Theodore Twombly)         Scarlett Johansson(Samantha)              Amy Adams(Catherin)


The film starts with the Theodore he used to work in a company which has professional writers to write a letter for those people unable to express their feelings their letter, so company helps those type of people in writing their letters. Theodore was the best writer in the company but in his personal life, he was very sad and lonely because his childhood friend who is his wife, was going to give him a divorce.

To overcome with this thing he brings a new operating system(OS 1) this was an upgraded version which includes virtual assistance with artificial intelligence (AI) designed to evolve and interact with humans from this phase the movie becomes interesting he gave a name to the os he used to her Samantha.

When he started the conversation with the os he goes into that so deep that at a point he feels that he is talking to some girl, not an os. Samantha also used to take care of Theodore’s each and every single things and a time comes when both shares their feelings with each other they also go on a date, they had done everything which a lover used to do. a scene comes when Theodore’s os stop’s working and at that point, he goes in such a mood that he lost his life.

The movie is very good as it goes forward it also cares the interest forward for to know more about Samantha and Theodore’s story watch the film. Basically, the movie shows how an os takeover a human mind this is shown in a very interesting way.

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