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Nambi Narayanan an former ISRO Scientist awarded by Padma Bhushan


  •  Nambi Narayanan was a former Indian scientist at Indian Space Reserch Organization (ISRO). He was instrumental in developing the Vikas engine that is used in first PSLV  that India launched.He was awarded with Padma Bhushan the third highest civilian award in India for his contribution in science in India.
  • He was the scientist who introduced liquid fuel rocket technology in India in early 1970.
  • Nambi’s career went through very ups and downs in the year 1994 Nambi was charged for leaking the vital defence secrets to some other countries intelligence officers,officials said that the data was very confidential which included the experiments of rocket and  satellite .
  • He was arrested and investigation process was done by CBI but they found nothing against him and after two years in 1996 CBI dismissed all the charges against  him and in the year 1998 supreme court also dismissed all the charges against him.
  • After getting justice from the court Nambi  passed an stricture against kerala government with the help of National Human Right Commission (NHRC) for damaging his career.He got some money as compensation and given a desk job. A book titled Ormakalude Bhramanapatham tells his autobiography and also the ISRO espionage case.Finally he got his real justice on 24-01-19 when he got Padma Bhushan.
  • His life is so much inspiring that  bollywood star R. Madhavan decided to make a film on his life,tell his achievements and about his all short of trouble he faced in his life and how his career was dumped because of one miss understanding. Madhavan who is absolutely a great actor is playing the role of Nambi Narayanan,he is also the producer and directior of the film. the teaser of the film is on  youtube ( which is looking very impressive ,i don’t know the excat release date of the move but it will come soon.


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