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Welcome to IGNOB. Today’s is all about Sickseek, a medical reference website.
Sickseek, a medical newspaper or a website for complete medical reference. Sandeep Machiraju, a student pursuing his BTech degree in Computer Science Engineering created this site. It is little strange, right? What you read is absolutely right. Even medical students need a CSE guy to design a website. So, what if a CSE guy wants to build a website on the medical reference. It is Sickseek. He himself created the site and later collaborated with his friends in writing articles.

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The inception of Sickseek:

In mid-summer 2017 Sandeep wants to create this site. But due to circumstances and small problems, he unable to get this site online. Later in this year on March 24th, he officially launched the site. Being a student and creator of two other sites, he always wants to develop Sickseek.

What is Sickseek and what it offers:

SickSeek is a medical newspaper or a website for complete medical reference. We generally google lots of stuff regarding our fitness, health, hair fall, weight loss etc. We find thousands of articles suggesting the same topic with different approaches and methods. These articles are sometimes confusing too.

For example, some articles say caffeine is injurious to health, some says caffeine boost the brain’s performance, and some say caffeine is western, some say caffeine is eastern.

In order to maintain clarity and give a clear-cut conclusion which brings out of confusion, is one of our primary agenda. We also have another task to bring the best articles which are used in day to day life.

Categories of Sickseek:

At present, Sickseek website offers five categories:
1) Health.
2) Symptoms.
3) Phobia.
4) First Aid.
5) Yoga.

Members of Sickseek:

Sandeep Machiraju – CEO and Founder of SickSeek.
Vamsi Yalamanchili: Chief Editor and Author for symptoms category.
Suresh Ambati – Author for health and First Aid categories.
Kiranmai Machiraju – Article Editor and Content curator.

Watch this video of Sickseek:

Sickseek is on social media platforms:

Facebook: Sickseek Official
Twitter: Sickeek_off
Instagram: Sickseek
Youtube: Sickseek Official

So this is all for today’s “Sickseek: A Medical Reference Website“. Hope this post useful for you What are your thoughts on the article? Do let me know in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Ignob. In order to do so, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your screen and don’t forget to share.


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